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99% of the yield-farming projects that exists today works on ponzi-nomics, whereby these projects are only sustainable through new farmers paying out the early farmers.
So the only way to quickly make back your initial capital and profit, is to either be the very first farmer, or farm for a longer period of time and pray you don't get rugged. Both of which aren't easy.
PolyGame wants to truly be the first long-term sustainable project. We plan to achieve this by being a gaming focused platform running on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.
"So are you guys launching the next big MMORPG???"
No, not really, in the first few months of launch we will be focusing on the classic lottery game and after that a no lose-lottery (inspired by PancakeBunny).
We will be adding a ton more support of different tokens for our lotteries and definitely some stable-coin lotteries which seems to be missing in the overall lottery ecosystem.
"So you are a lottery focused project?"
For the first 3 months, probably, yes. As it's easier to launch. But we are definitely not stopping there, we have plans of adding more games such as Predictions (inspired by PancakeSwap) and innovate on new & exciting type of games!
"Sounds good, but how are you planning to achieve sustainability?"
Good question, let's take a look at our Tokenomics.
Last modified 10mo ago
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