To kickstart the project we will start with your classic yield farms & pools where early backers can get the most PolyGame token and sufficient funds to support the project.
Launch Day: Classic yield farms that you know of. Tokens support for the yield farms are unspecified for now, more will be revealed right before we launch.
End of July / Early August: No-lose lotteries! - To participate, users will deposit a token to be farmed for a fixed "open time". - After deposits are closed, the pool will going into "farming" mode. - In "farming" mode, the pool will farm yields, and no more deposits are allowed. - The winner will be randomly decided, in the end and will only win the yields generated by the pool. - All the original deposits will be returned to the depositors and all initial capital returned. Resulting in no-loss for the participants of the pool. End of October: Classic Lotteries launch - To participate, users will be able to purchase a ticket for an x amount of token. - One winner will be randomly selected based on the number for the ticket. - Winner will be determined based on the selected number. Rest of the year: Multiple token support for lotteries - Support more types of token TBA: Gaming focused Launchpads Predictions New Games Learn about our fees.​
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