DYOR! This project is unaudited, only put in what you are willing to lose! RugDoc Review (Low Risk: 1. Can this project be rugged? No, our MasterGame contract has removed the migrator code commonly found in PancakeSwap or similar rugpull projects. If you know code, you can verify for yourself here 2. What about infinite minting of PolyGame Token? No, only the MasterChef is able to mint more PolyGame Token and there is a also a hardcoded limit of 1 million total supply.
​ 3. What about an economic exploit similar to PancakeBunny? Not possible, our PolyGame Token is minted based on the number of blocks that has passed since it was last minted. This means that if the blockchain is at block number 100, and the emission rate is 0.4/block, even if 200 blocks has passed only a maximum of 80 PolyGame (0.4 * 200) tokens will be minted. The total minted can never be manipulated via price, flash-loan, or unreliable data from an oracle.
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